…if memory serves…

Posted: July 21, 2014 in News
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  1. This looks just like I saw during one of my mystical experiences! Did you create this art?

    • 23joseph32 says:

      Hey Vegter,
      Thanks for your message. All artwork on this site is created by me, including this one. Thanks for dropping by and taking a look-see.
      All the best

      • awesome work bro! You’re really talented. Have you placed your designs on t-shirts or anything like that?

      • 23joseph32 says:

        Thanks for the positive feedback Vegter. T-shirts are all part of the plan at some point… As soon as I know more I’ll put the info up on the site. Thanks again Vegter

  2. I’d love to help make that plan a reality sooner rather than later. I’m currently looking for artist who would like to collaborate with me on building out a t-shirt line of trippy design and counter-culture type stuff. If you’re interested in sharing ideas on how we might be able to help make that happen then shoot my an e-mail at projectiamyou@gmail.com

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