I grew up in Coventry and moved to Brighton when I was 15. I pursued a career in music and in my early 20’s I was “in transit” as a touring musician. In 2002 I began work as a Professional Body Piercer at Perforations LTD, later known as METAflesh. While I worked at the studio I created a number of unique tattoo designs for clients and friends. This was where the Illustration bug really began…

In 2006 I enrolled at University and started a BA Hons Degree in Illustration. Throughout my degree I became more and more interested in digital design and found that I was able to apply a greater level of control to my work and my ideas. In 2009 I graduated with a First Class Honours and was able to display a small collection of my work at the New Designers Exhibition, Islington. Then things got busy…

I picked up a number of commissions ranging from interior designs for the NHS to corporate branding for new businesses to album artwork for bands and compilation recordings. I also generated print ready packaging for Boots the Chemist and covered a great number of ranges and re-brands. Shortly after the birth of my Daughter in May 2011 I freelanced for the BBC creating motion graphics for local news broadcasts. Throughout this time I continued to develop my own work selling prints, t-shirts and models in independent galleries, stores and online. So it continues…

Now living in Falmouth, Cornwall I’m never far away from something inspiring. Outside of my environment my influences span from classical painters (Vermeer, Rembrandt) to contemporary (Chet Zar, Alex Grey)… from traditional illustrators (Gabriel Rodriguez, Dave Gibbons) to digital artists (Adam Jones, Luke O’Neill)… from animation to live action… from books to video games… from music to ambient sound… from the scientific to the spiritual…

A constant reminder and something that has influenced more than most is a Mantra a dear friend once told me,

“If not you, then who? If not now, then when?”

At that perfect moment a fire was lit…


September 2012


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